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Health Alert: Don’t Use Green Tea Triple Fat Burner

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The Green Tea’s Triple Fats Burner is a diet supplement by Applied Nutrition that consists of 3 different tea types, white, green and black along with caffeine and vitamins. It is claimed by the company that this tea combination helps in losing weight. However, diet supplements have stimulants, especially caffeine that reduces the appetite. Food & Drug Administration, however, doesn’t regularize and oversee such supplement products, so the company’s claims do not have any scientific proof. It’s best to seek doctor’s advice before using any supplement.


You may suffer from more anxiety if you consume Green Tea’s Triple Fats Burner because of caffeine stimulant’s effects. Caffeine affects human’s central nervous systems causing conditions like anxiety. It also causes nervousness and irritability. You should consult a doctor even if your soft gel supplements are causing any trouble for you.

Gastric Problems

Applied Nutrition has listed Vitamin C as a product’s ingredient. The recommended dose of Vitamin C in 2 soft gels is 140 mg. Vitamin C may cause digestive system’s problems, although they aren’t very serious and go away on its own. Queasiness may be felt in the stomach which may result in vomiting. Another ingredient, like niacin, may also cause nausea. Heartburn can be experienced due to vitamin and cramps in the stomach can also be felt. Mild diarrhea can also result due to Vitamin C. The excessive usage of the Green Tea Triple fat Burner will make these symptoms worsened. Talk to a doctor, if condition worsens. Thanks a lot for pointing out the fat burner side effects, WebMD. This info is something you must read before using any fat burner.


Niacin in Green Tea Triple Fat Burner formula can cause flushing as per, which means sudden skin reddening followed by warm sensation and perspiration. The niacin’s study also reported that these conditions have higher chances of appearing in the said green tea formula. However, the flushing occurs even with lower doses.


Stimulants found in this product changes heart’s rhythm. The arrhythmia that occurs due to green tea can affect the heart rate. If you feel skipping of a heartbeat, immediately inform your doctor, as it can cause very serious health issues.

Warts on Children’s Hands, Why?

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Why are there warts on my children’s hands?

As a parent, you must be prepared for any situation, but some may take you by surprise. One of these surprise situations is warts. They just appear in our children’s hands or feet, and we have to deal with it. We have to explain to our kids what’s happening with their body and why that ugly thing can’t be removed as fast as possible. But are we, the adults, prepared to answer these questions?


What causes warts on children’s hands?  

First thing you need to know is that a wart is not cancerous and it doesn’t represent a threat to your child’s health. They are a bunch of cells gathered in an ugly growth at the skin surface. The most common reason warts appear on children is the human papillomavirus or HPV.

Warts tend to appear in warm, moist places on our bodies like hands, feet, small scratches or cuts, or fingers. They are painless unless they form in an area where they are constantly stepped on (soles of the feet) or bumped.

The most common way your child could have taken warts is from another child. Warts appear at 6 to 7 months since the infection, and you can’t tell if one of the kids has it until it starts growing. Good hygiene and a good immune system could be a shield against warts, but there is no way to prevent them.

Now that you know what causes warts on children’s hands, you must find out about methods of treatment. The most common method is to leave it alone, and it will disappear in time. Because we are talking about children here, it’s a bit hard to convince them to go to school with such an ugly thing on their hands. That’s why there are other two methods you can apply.

Some parents choose to try with homemade remedies they’ve heard or know from their parents. It’s not guaranteed that they may work, but you should give it a try. Apply lemon juice or castor oil on the wart every day, twice a day, and in about 6 or 7 weeks you may see the result.

Another method is to use a pharmaceutical product specially created for removing warts. There are two main types: one based on a chemical solution and one based on freezing warts.

There are other methods you can use, but you have to talk to your doctor before applying any of those.

Male Breast Enlargement Issue

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Many men and teenagers these days know how it feels to actually have breasts and not necessarily because they want to. Male breast enlargement has two main causes:

  • hormonal disorders
  • fatty tissue accumulation in the area

Hormonal disorders usually appear at puberty or after the men turn 50. At puberty, the body of a young boy goes through all sorts of transformations and men boobs are possible to appear. If the cause is hormonal, then everything should come back to normal as soon as the hormone levels get regulated.

After a man turns 50 the testosterone level drops and level of fatty tissue raises which can lead to men boobs. This hormonal transformation doesn’t go away unless it is treated with exercises and an appropriate diet.

Fatty tissue accumulations in the area are easy to treat with physical activities like upper body exercises and a diet that eliminates fats and raises the testosterone levels.

A man’s diet should include foods that raise the testosterone level naturally like red meat, oysters, brown rice, cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage, and so on) and that bring a healthy portion of fibers in the system. Usually, you have to cut out of your diet from refined carbs because they cause insulin and sugar spikes which lead to more fatty tissue accumulating on your body.

Another way to reduce male breast enlargement is surgery. It is faster than diet and exercise, but it implies more risks especially when you are passed 50. That’s why the natural way is always the most recommended one. The surgery is done by a plastic surgeon, and it can be of two types:

  • liposuction, to remove the extra fatty tissue
  • removing of glandular tissue

Before deciding which way you want to take in order to get rid of your men boobs you should talk to a physician to check if there isn’t another cause for them. Usually, big men breasts can hide other affections like tumors or a dangerously low testosterone level which can mean cancer. Nothing it’s more important than your health so go and have yourself checked out before going one way or the other.


Men boobs don’t have to be a subject for embarrassment in society but a subject of worry for an individual’s health. This unnatural accumulation of fatty tissue shows a bad diet and a life without exercise which is very dangerous for us, these days.