If you are starting to work out at the gym, you are very likely to get obsessed with it – and that means buying the necessary equipment to make your training more efficient and comfortable. However, among the equipment you want to buy, there is a high chance that lifting shoes are not part of it.

Because of this, we’ve decided to write an article about the importance and benefits of lifting shoes, in order to help those gym beginners to know why they need them so much. Take a look further and find out!

Importance of Lifting Shoes

At weightlifting, it is important to have the right balance and stability, plus, the right support on the sole of your feet and heels to avoid injuries and generate more power. So, when it comes to practicing this activity, the right shoes are of utmost importance, as they will make the difference on stability and support for your feet to avoid a decreased performance.

That’s why running shoes or normal sneakers won’t deliver the right amount of support your feet need for weightlifting. Normal running shoes are specially designed to be used in repetitive stepping, with more cushioning for the feet and absorbing materials that make the pressure of stepping to disappear. In weightlifting, that pressure is super important, if it gets compressed on the sole, your body won’t hold up as much weight as needed and eventually create unbalance.

On the other hand, lifting shoes will not do this; they actually make all the pressure from stepping come up and generate more power through your feet towards your upper body. This happens because the sole of these shoes tends to be harder and firmer, much closer to the ground and flat, so the pressure doesn’t move anywhere else and can get transformed into more strength.

Especially when it comes to squats, this kind of shoes delivers the exact features needed to do it properly. With more support for the ankles and heels, plus more flexibility and versatility in the movement, lifting shoes give the perfect motion and enough support for the right technique of squatting to be made.

They provide stability and allow the user to create more strength from the bottom of the body into the upper thanks to the firmer and more balanced position they help create. With the right pair of lifting shoes, you will be able to move and hold up more weight and avoid injuries and wrong movements to deliver greater results.

They help at:

• Avoiding Injuries
• Create more Strength
• Have a better lifting technique
• More balance and stability

What to Look For in Lifting Shoes

As we already know lifting shoes are of total importance when weightlifting at the gym, it is still of great importance to know which exact features of these shoes make them better than other shoes. Also, it will tell the difference between them, as there are lots of different brands and models for lifting shoes.

Take the following features into account to choose the right one for you, depending on your necessities, budget, and experience.

Heel height of the shoe: this will tell the amount of mobility, stability, and support for the heel and ankle.

Style: Maybe not that important when it comes to performance, but still makes a great add-on if you like them.

Type of shoe: There are various types of lifting shoes, from Crossfit shoes to Olympic shoes and lifting shoes with heels.

Price: Always important to take into account, the price will tell you if the shoe is made with lasting materials or just standard ones.

Additional Features: The lacing style, the number of weaves, the type of material and so on.

After taking into account the previous features, you are more likely to know what you want now. Picking the right shoe for you won’t be a problem after knowing what you want. Though, many people tend to overlook certain features as they think they are not important.

For example, when it comes to heel height, most people will overlook it, maybe it is not important because it is only about looks… but no! Heel height of the lifting shoe will tell you the amount of support for your heels, and the amount of cushioning that makes the lifting movements more stable and firmer. With lower heels, the more stable the movement will be, the higher it is, the more support it will deliver.

Also, when it comes to the type of shoe, people don’t like to see the difference. When a shoe says that it is best for squatting, it should be best for squatting, with a higher heel and less ankle support to allow mobility. On the other hand, Cross-trainer shoes will allow better movements and more support for the ankle, specially designed for workouts that demand more movement from the feet.

And when it comes to style and additional features, even when they are not that important, they still make a point. It is important that you like the shoe you’re going to buy. There are plenty of styles and types of shoes for you to choose, don’t go for the prettiest one or the shoe that delivers the best support but looks ugly to you.

Choose with care, and you will be having the most important gear when training, helping you at both training and achieving better results.

It all Comes Down to Choosing the Right Shoe

Of course, it always comes down to choosing the shoe that is better for the activity you want to do. Just as there are shoes for tennis, soccer or even basketball, there are also shoes for weightlifting and working out.

Running shoes, for example, will last much more than a normal pair of sneakers if they’re used in constant jogging and running. The same happens with lifting shoes; they will not only help you get better results but actually last longer than any other pair of shoes if you use them for constant weightlifting or workouts with weights.

You will see the differences and benefits at the first use. It is totally worth it to buy the ones you like the most and at the same time, the ones that help you achieve better results and performance. Don’t hesitate in spending money on the most expensive ones if you can, but always look for those who deliver better features according to your requirements.

Don’t Waste Your Time or Money

Yes, choosing the right shoe will tell the difference on the results and effectiveness of your working out sessions. Even so, the right shoes will even help you achieve the right performance when working out, even if you are just beginning in a gym.

So, try to look for the ones that fit your needs, the ones that will deliver the best performance when training depending on your favorite exercises and activities. As there are many types of lifting shoes to choose from, always take into account what you want and what you need.

Take these recommendations with you when choosing the right shoe and you will be pleased with the end, with a shoe that will help you and at the same time – you will love!