Not all women enjoy having a full-figured chest area. For some, it is a burden to carry the extra weight. Large breasts do weigh down the body and can lead to back problems and body position problems. While reduction surgery is an option, it is not your only option. Smaller breasts may not get you the attention from potential partners that you want, but it can help with self-confidence to look properly proportioned and can help your health in the long run.

Replace Body Fat with Muscle

Breasts are composed of fat cells. As you gain body weight, you are likely to experience an increased breast size too. In many cases, this also leads to fat settling along the side of your body, making it difficult to distinguish your breasts from the rest of your body.

Exercising and focusing on burning fat will help you achieve smaller breasts that look more like they belong on your frame. Include exercises that specifically work your upper body such as twists, bends and stretches. Complete these exercises with lightweight dumbbells to enhance the intensity.

Stop Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, the increase in your breast size is likely due to this. Breasts expand to accommodate milk storage and production. This is natural and what should be expected after giving birth. Breastfeeding does create a bond between mother and child; so many moms prefer to continue to breastfeed for this fact.

The same nutrients in breast milk are included in formula. There are a variety of formula options to choose from, some being organic.

Consider weaning your baby a little sooner if your breasts become a burden or health risk to trigger the breast milk to stop producing.

Consider Reduction Surgery

If the only place on your body to lose weight is in your breasts, reduction surgery may be an option. This is a drastic approach to making your breasts smaller, but it does have an immediate effect. There is a short recovery time after the procedure and a period that you will experience a bit of discomfort. Speak with your primary physician about the potential of breast reduction surgery being an option and ask for a referral to a trusted surgeon.

Determine Underlying Causes for Continued Breast Growth

For some women, underlying health issues, such as hormone imbalances, can cause breasts to increase in size over time. Medications can also cause an increase in breast size. An underlying health condition or medication may be the cause. This possibility should be entertained and examined. A health condition is easier to control and deal with than undergoing surgery.

Having big breasts is not a luxury to all women. For many, large breasts just make their overall body proportion look awkward. The important thing, when considering reducing the size of your breasts, is that you do it because you want to. This is your decision and your self-confidence to fix. Given that there are several options to achieve having smaller breasts, consider the option/s that work best with your immediate need and lifestyle.

Here are five simple exercises you can use: