The Green Tea’s Triple Fats Burner is a diet supplement by Applied Nutrition that consists of 3 different tea types, white, green and black along with caffeine and vitamins. It is claimed by the company that this tea combination helps in losing weight. However, diet supplements have stimulants, especially caffeine that reduces the appetite. Food & Drug Administration, however, doesn’t regularize and oversee such supplement products, so the company’s claims do not have any scientific proof. It’s best to seek doctor’s advice before using any supplement.


You may suffer from more anxiety if you consume Green Tea’s Triple Fats Burner because of caffeine stimulant’s effects. Caffeine affects human’s central nervous systems causing conditions like anxiety. It also causes nervousness and irritability. You should consult a doctor even if your soft gel supplements are causing any trouble for you.

Gastric Problems

Applied Nutrition has listed Vitamin C as a product’s ingredient. The recommended dose of Vitamin C in 2 soft gels is 140 mg. Vitamin C may cause digestive system’s problems, although they aren’t very serious and go away on its own. Queasiness may be felt in the stomach which may result in vomiting. Another ingredient, like niacin, may also cause nausea. Heartburn can be experienced due to vitamin and cramps in the stomach can also be felt. Mild diarrhea can also result due to Vitamin C. The excessive usage of the Green Tea Triple fat Burner will make these symptoms worsened. Talk to a doctor, if condition worsens. Thanks a lot for pointing out the fat burner side effects, WebMD. This info is something you must read before using any fat burner.


Niacin in Green Tea Triple Fat Burner formula can cause flushing as per, which means sudden skin reddening followed by warm sensation and perspiration. The niacin’s study also reported that these conditions have higher chances of appearing in the said green tea formula. However, the flushing occurs even with lower doses.


Stimulants found in this product changes heart’s rhythm. The arrhythmia that occurs due to green tea can affect the heart rate. If you feel skipping of a heartbeat, immediately inform your doctor, as it can cause very serious health issues.